Who Did He Come To Heal?

Written by Bobby Bisterfeldt

Many times in the new testament before Jesus healed one of His children, it is written that He had compassion on that child or group of children.  Compassion is an essential quality that we must all have to assist Him in bringing about the healing of His children.  Without it we are of little use to Him.  Jesus gave us His example written in God’s Word on how to conduct ourselves as Christians here in this life.  God’s Word provides answers to every question we have.  Let’s look in His Word and find some of the answers to the question of “Who did He come to heal?”

 Scripture Reading: Luke 5:27-32

Jesus has sat down to a great feast at Levi’s house, a publican, and there were many more publicans present at this feast.  The scribes and the Pharisees asked Jesus why he ate and drank with publicans and sinners.  Here is where we find part of our answer.  Jesus came here not for the righteous but for the sinners, to bring them to repentance.  Many times as Christians we lose sight of why we are here.  We are here as servants to help bring sinners to repentance.  We are sinners and we need repentance too.  I am talking about those who are not familiar with or willingly ignore God and His Word.  While fellowshipping with other believers is very much needed, being able to grow spiritual relationships and provide learning opportunities, we also must be willing to reach out and communicate with those we may not always feel comfortable interacting with.  A Christian can go to or be with anyone, as God leads, when sharing truth with one of His children.  Don’t worry about what others think, be bold in following His voice.  When you are prepared spiritually, God will bring you the opportunities to share His Son through your communication or deeds.  There are many ways to share Him with others.  It can be as simple as a smile or an uplifting greeting.  By sharing the Word with His children, you are bringing the Physician to those that are sick spiritually.  Let the Holy Spirit lead you and ensure you take action when prompted.

Scripture Reading:  1st Peter 3:18-22

Christ went to those spirits that were in prison (they had not overcome at the time of their death here in the flesh) who had passed on from this flesh before Christ’s arrival on this earth, being given the opportunity to accept Christ.  Never let there be a doubt in your mind that God is always fair to His children.  Christ came to heal all of his children: past, present and future.  It is a choice each soul must make, to accept eternal life or death.  For those who want more information on the prison spoken about here in 1st Peter, consider a study on the “gulf” mentioned in the context of Luke 16:19-31.  The use of a Strong’s Concordance helps bring meaning to the English language used in the King James Version bible.



Scripture Reading:  Hebrews 2:14

Christ came in this flesh body that through His death, the devil will be destroyed.  For those who would like more information on the background of satan and what God thought of him, consider a study of Ezekiel 28:1-19 and Isaiah 14:3-17.  As Christians, we desire that all come to repentance and worship our Heavenly Father.  Unfortunately that will not be the desire of all of His children.  Rev 20:12-15 describes this as many will not be found written in the book of life, and they will go the way of satan and his angels, eternal death.  I look forward to the day of judgement, as I know you do also.  Our works are written in the book of life, our sins are not there because we know Him and we are forgiven.  Strive to be eternally minded in the works that you do and the words that you say.  Seize eternity every day.  By destroying satan at the end of this earth age, Christ has brought healing as we enter into the eternity with Him.

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 25: 31-46

After Christ discussed with His disciples the parable of the talents, which fits in well with this message, He discussed what will be happening on His return upon His throne of glory.  We see here not only the physical needs; hungered, athirst, a stranger, naked, sick, in prison but more importantly those are all examples of spiritual needs.  Have we provided those physical and spiritual needs to His children?  Or have we conveniently ignored those He came to heal.  In verses 40 and 45 there are a few differences in wording that put us in one of two categories.  We either succeeded in doing our part to have delivered His Word and works to those who needed it or we failed.  We must strive to share His Word to those who have not yet been made whole, through your words, works and faith.  The Physician will use you to deliver His message if you have prepared yourself spiritually and are a tune to Him.  Don’t let the fullness of your purpose and destiny here on this earth, at this time, go in vain.  Study His Word, pray diligently and then be prepared for His will for you.  The Physician came here to heal His children.  He has called you to be a part of it, answer His calling.

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