Everyone has a story; but no matter what your story has been,
your past does not dictate what your story — and life — can become.

Light Up The Dark is a micro-community of people who understand the twists and turns of life. We create empowerment through classes, support groups, and Lighthouse that allow people the relationships, tools, and structures they need to walk of life’s darkest moments and into a life of freedom, hope, and light.


A new, integrated way to make challenges work for you and create the life you want.


Lighthouse is an intensive personalized residential program that includes individualized life coaching, financial empowerment, spiritual development, relational support, and recovery tools, empowering people to overcome. Explore to learn more.

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Welcome. I’m Heather, Founder and Chief Freedom Officer of Light Up The Dark. Every person on our team has their own story…and we are overcomers.  Wherever you find yourself today, we want you to know that there is still hope.  There is a God who deeply loves you in the middle of this broken world and He intends to write good things- freedom, love, and overcoming- into your life.  No matter where you find yourself today, there IS still good.  There IS freedom. There IS light. We’ve found it and want to share it, empower others to find it, and to live in it together.  No matter what your past has held, your future is yet to be written.  Your history does not determine your destiny!