” The Lighthouse Initiative has been a life changer for me. It has taken me in with all my faults and flaws.  They believed in me when I had given up on myself.  They took me and my three girls in and gave me hope for a better life; hope for a second chance as a mom, a wife, and a better relationship with Christ.” -Lighthouse Member

” I am so thankful to the Lighthouse for taking a chance on me and helping me with my new start in life!  One must step out of their comfort zone in order to step into growth!  I am so excited for this journey that God has brought us down and the support system that He has provided us with.” -Lighthouse Member


Lighthouse is in its fifth year. We are an 18 month program for anyone who wants to make a new beginning. The goal Lighthouse it to equip and empower participants break the chains of the past, create a new, healthy support system, build reciprocal relationships with healthy boundaries, set and begin achieving meaningful life goals, and learn to create a life where they can trust themselves to life responsibly in freedom. Our program offers a whole-life approach that is practical, relational, empowering, and spiritual.  Applicants who are accepted into Lighthouse will work, live, and grow in relationship with their own personal advocate, life coach, counselor, and support team.


RelationshipCentered Empowering Approach

Life can be messy and this earth can be a very broken place. The Lighthouse team understands this and is prepared to meet our members where they are, walk alongside them, and together actively build a life of freedom, intentionality, and purpose. Lighthouse strives to offer a safe haven for developing healthy relationships. Upon acceptance into Lighthouse, our participants are referred to as members. As Lighthouse, we are part of the larger organization of Light Up The Dark. We believe our participants are partnering with us to light up the dark by freeing and empowering the truest version of themselves, the souls they were created to be. Each required meeting for our members has a specific purpose and serves as a building block for healing, growth, and freedom. Upon arrival, each member is paired with an Advocate of the same gender. The Advocate will walk the entire 18 month Lighthouse journey with them. In addition to their Advocate, each member will have a support team who each have specific roles to help ensure a successful experience for each person committed to working the Lighthouse program.

Goals: (Life Coach, Advocate, Member) Members become inspired by “Goals” because this space becomes the breeding ground for watching a new life unfold! Overall the Goals process has two parts: the goals themselves and the life coaching that empowers partners to achieve their goals. In the beginning of the Lighthouse experience, we identify long term goals with each partner centered around the major areas of life: relationship, occupation, spirituality, health/wellness, addiction recovery, legal issues, financial independence, etc. We then break those goals down into weekly tasks and pair this process with highly individualized life coaching geared toward replacing old lies with real truths that serve as fuel to sustain positive change. As those weekly goals are completed, a new-found confidence, trust, and wisdom begin to emerge. As a result of this strategic planning for overall success, members experience that— together— we create a new and positive reality!

One-on-One: (Advocate and Member) Members look forward to their One-on-One Meetings because this is the time where they focus with their advocate on their well being and spiritual growth. This personalized 60 minute time frame becomes an oasis in the week as the member/advocate pair addresses what has been unhealthy spiritually in the past for each member. Resources specific to each member’s journey are used to replace that unhealthiness with new life and growth.

Counseling: (Counselor and Member) Counseling is a vital part of healing past trauma in order to create new life patterns. Lighthouse requires counseling with a Light Up The Dark approved, licensed counselor as part of the overall plan for wellness and healing.

House Meeting: (All House Members) The daily running of each Lighthouse is based on a democratic system. Meetings are held weekly and are an integral part of running a lighthouse successfully. Each member has a role in the house structure. Goals, roles, and rules are deliberated at these meetings; finances are assessed; celebrations of milestones and victories are shared in.

Church: Each member attends a church of their own choosing, in person, each week. Participation in a community of faith increases interaction with additional people, opens up avenues of education and support, and provides an additional structure of healthy participation in life.

Freedom in Recovery: Light Up The Dark hosts Freedom in Recovery; a non-specific addiction based weekly support group. In a confidential setting, participants from the community as well as Lighthouse members share with each other, learn together, support each other, and grow.

Accountability is woven into the entire structure of Lighthouse. Each member’s journey is highly individualized throughout the journey, all the way through preparing for a successful transition out of the house that identifies a support system moving forward. Since Lighthouse is based on relationships, the relationships formed in Lighthouse will remain as part of the on-going life of each member and most choose to reciprocate in on-going relationship. This is how Lighthouse becomes its own micro-community and family and why we joke that you can enter a lighthouse, but you never really leave!

Requirements for Living in Lighthouse

  • Work full time or enough to provide support for household
  • Attend 5 meetings every week: Goals, One-on-One, Counseling, House Meeting, and church of your choice
  • Partners with addiction history will be required to attend Freedom in Recovery as well
  • Pay Lighthouse Shares
  • Maintain clean random drug tests
  • Fulfill weekly house duties/roles
  • Actively participate in your own recovery/Lighthouse plan and protect the well-being and sobriety of all House Members


We work with addicts in recovery; survivors of domestic abuse, trafficking, and rape; those with criminal records; youth who have aged out of foster care; mothers and fathers working toward reintegration with their children and families; any person with life controlling issues who wants to take their story back. While we can’t rewrite our history, but we can take the pen back and write a powerful destiny. Before applying, we encourage those who are interested to read through “The Lighthouse Life” section above. It is a consensus among those who have completed Lighthouse that “Lighthouse works if you work it”. Lighthouse is not for everyone, and that’s ok. Lighthouse is designed for those who are personally ready to honestly commit to creating a new, healthy life of freedom.

Applicants must be at least 18 to apply. All applicants MUST fill out the application themselves. While assistance can be given, applications cannot be filled out by a third party. Applicants accepted as partners into Lighthouse may be asked to complete a physical, mental health evaluation, and/ or SACK assessment after acceptance into Lighthouse in order to establish a successful treatment and care protocol. The application process includes four phases:

  1. Submission of Application.
  2. Lighthouse Team Interview
  3. Lighthouse Residence Interview
  4. Follow Up

The entire application process typically takes approximately two weeks start to finish. In situations with extenuating circumstances (ex: domestic violence) the process can be expedited.

We are currently taking applications for our women’s house with a tentative move-in of mid-September. We are taking men’s applications on a waiting list.

To Apply:

1.  Fill out and submit the application. You can fill it out online here: ONLINE LIGHTHOUSE APPLICATION

 2.  We will review your application and contact you within 48 hours of receiving your application to set up an interview time.
Keep in mind, the application MUST be filled out by the applicant. Applicants must be over 18 to participate.

Mail to:
Light Up The Dark
P.O. Box 306
Sterling, Ks. 67579
or fax to 620-278-2000.


Breaking chains.  Liberating souls.  Empowering Lives.

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