Prayers Are Answered

Written by Bobby Bisterfeldt

Many times we hear or we say to others “I will be praying for you”.  How fervently do we do our diligence in fulfilling that promise?  Do we believe that God will answer our prayers?  Let’s take a look at some examples in His Word that will increase our diligence in prayer.

Scripture Reading:  Acts 12:1-17

Herod has had James, the brother of John, killed with the sword.  Herod has now imprisoned Peter, having four quaternions of soldiers to guard him.  He slept between two soldiers and was bound with two chains.  An angel of the Lord delivered him from the prison and from the chains he had been bonded by.  The church was praying for him without ceasing.  Peter arrived at the house where many people of the church were gathered praying for Peter’s release.  Peter knocked at the door of the gate and Rhoda answered.  When recognizing Peter’s voice she went to tell the others about Peter’s presence.  The people did not believe Rhoda, telling her she was mad and that it was Peter’s angel.  When the door was opened, they were all astonished.

When we pray to God for a certain thing to happen, don’t pray with doubt in your heart.  Know of a surety that His will shall come to pass.  No matter how bad the circumstances are.  Here, as mentioned, James had been killed by Herod before Peter was placed in prison.  Many may have thought the same outcome was destined for Peter.  When what you have prayed for takes place, don’t be astonished, be bold and confident knowing His will was done.  When what you have prayed for does not come to pass, know that it is not a lack of faith on your part, again His will is being done.  Never doubt your Father’s ability to answer prayer.

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 21:22

Believe in all things, knowing your prayer will be received.  You may not always receive the answer you desire but God hears you.  Continue to make God our first priority, not our last resort.  He wants to hear from you daily.

Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 38:1-22

Hezekiah has been told by the prophet Isaiah, given to him by our Lord, of his upcoming departure from his flesh body.  Hezekiah then sought the Lord in prayer to prevent his death from happening so soon.  He wept sore to the Lord in prayer and his prayer was heard.  The Lord added 15 more years to his life.  Hezekiah was a king that found favor in God’s eyes.  What God had purposed for Hezekiah was changed through Hezekiah’s heartfelt prayer to Him.  An example of what a servant of God can accomplish in diligent prayer.


Scripture ReadingEphesians 6:10-18

Paul is writing here in Ephesians about the gospel armor and what you should have on to defend yourself and defeat satan spiritually.  We must continue to pray for ours and others fleshly needs.  But never forget to pray for the spiritual battle that is being waged by satan against God’s children.  This is why we must understand that God hears your prayers and will answer them according to His will.  Again, look around you, the spiritual war is still being waged and you have a part in defeating satan.  A major part of it is your prayers to God against satan and the works he seeks to accomplish in this world.  Use the gift our Father has given all of us, prayer.

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