It has been said that the most critical element in maintaining balance is identifying priorities and then aligning your activity to those priorities.

Consider these areas of your life:


Each area is important.  In order to maintain a sense of balance the #1 MOST IMPORTANT THING is for you to spend time with God.  God did not create you to run you ragged and use you up for everyone else’s benefit, sacrificing your well-being in the process.  God created you to enjoy relationship with Him forever.  From the overflow of His love, we learn how to love ourselves and others well, in good design, and with healthy boundaries.

From time to time, we encourage you to assess your priorities and alignment by praying through this checklist.  You cannot minister from a dry well.  Put YOUR oxygen mask on first.


box   I am spending time regularly with God (in nature, reading, prayer, music, etc.) If not, I can begin this week at this time:

box   I periodically spend an extended time unwinding and seeking God’s will for my life and growth.  If not, I could schedule a few hours on this date:

box  At least once a week, I spend some time doing something that I enjoy.

box  If married, I  regularly spend time connecting with my spouse, relationally, physically, and spiritually.  I pray for my spouse and actively look for ways to show love.

box  If parenting, I regularly spend time with each of my kids individually and with our family as a whole.  I pray for my kids and actively seek God’s will in parenting them and showing love to them.

box  The tasks in my life are manageable.  I have not over-committed myself.  If I have over-committed myself, I will rank each obligation (committee, office, etc.) on a list from most important to least important.  I will determine how to decline, quit, or uncommit from the bottom two and I will determine if there are responsibilities in my higher priority activities that could be delegated or done away with entirely.