Sometimes we welcome it.

Sometimes it is a deafening reminder of isolation.

Always it seems that silence is an unwelcome companion when reaching out to an invisible God.  No touch.  No sound.  No physical body to lay my eyes on.

So wait…what about this is REAL? Do you ever feel like the FRUSTRATION of trying to find or feel or see God is what is REAL?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever found a quiet place, calmed your mind, tried to focus, and listened for any sign of God’s voice and heard…

silence…accompanied by a chorus of crickets.

And worse yet: FELT…

silence…accompanied by a chorus of head-voices screaming, “FRUSTRATION!!”.

Even if we don’t hear anything (which honestly, we aren’t expecting an audible voice to thunder down from the heights of heaven and deliver the answers to all of our puzzling conundrums), it’s the not-feeling-anything-of-God’s-presence that really makes us feel like morons.  It’s the hearing nothing and feeling nothing that makes us question whether or not we’re just talking to air.  Right?  Worse, it makes us think:

“Hey, if two cells can divide and differentiate into eyeball tissue and stomach lining and callus-laden foot soles, Somebody has to be up there.  Sooo…

Am I just too stupid to hear and feel Him

or am I just not that important to Him?”


there are moments when we know He intervened; He spoke somehow- through a song or a Bible verse or a TV show or a friend or a stranger.  Perhaps there was a set of circumstances that occurred and you know there is no way those particular circumstances could have occurred in that particular order by chance.  Or maybe it’s a moment when His presence is so thick that it feels like a blanket wrapped around you or a dance party in your soul or a deep knowing in your core.  Why can’t THESE experiences be our every day experiences?

 spoken word: just be still

This study will tailor to you.  Here’s how:  you know those choose-your-own-ending books?  Well, we are going to have a choose-your-own-adventure devo.  You get to choose which direction you want to go that will help you tackle your own personal hurdles.  So here is your first fork in the road.

If you related most to:

  • the part that talked about having hidden truths about yourself, stuff you want to keep hidden, stuff done to you or stuff you’ve done (and/or REALLY wanted to do) that make you feel like you aren’t a good Christian and maybe you aren’t good enough for God to look your way, click here.

  • the part that talked about always being on the run, a step ahead, avoiding conflict, and never letting anyone see you sweat…maybe you”re an accomplisher, a perfectionist, or an avoider…whatever it takes to get to the next day and keep the mask from cracking, click here.

  • the part that talked about doubting that God was even going to answer because He’s too busy, and you’ve tried and tried and all you hear is a lot of nothing… and hearing about other peoples’ amazing conversations with God makes you want to claw your eyes out …and if you hear them say one more time, “You just have to listen and He’ll speak to you,” you are going to claw THEIR eyes out, click here.