I love music.

All kinds of music.

I especially love percussion.  If the music isn’t loud enough for the kick drum to be making your torso vibrate, then the music isn’t loud enough.

There is a soundtrack to my life.  There are songs that, when I hear them, transform my surroundings into another time and place….I can see what used to be in my mind’s eye.  Feel what I used to feel.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

How do you interact with music?  Are a listener?  Do you play an instrument?  Write your own songs or lyrics?

However you connect with music, use music to connect to Him this week.

If you listen, make a playlist.  Any song.  God speaks through many genres.

If you play, play as if He is with you….right beside you.

If you write…then write.

Pour your soul out this week in song.  Then pay attention to what comes to mind.  Think (pray) through whatever that is.  Is it something you need to pour out to Him in lyrics or express in rhythm or melody?  How would that sound or look or be?