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Graphic designed by Seth Adam Smith.


This week has been about doing life with God.  This whole series has been about cultivating a genuine, personal relationship with Him.  Obviously much of what we’ve talked about has been around the topic of communication.

Guess what the most dominant form of communication is for people under 50 in the United States today….


According to a recent Gallop poll: texting.  Think about the person you are closest too.  Here are some questions to think/pray through:

Question One:  How often do you text them?  You probably are in communication with them throughout the day.  On a major television network news magazine episode that aired within the last six months, it reported that, on average, Americans look at their cell phones at least every fifteen minutes.

Question Two: How often do you shoot God prayers throughout the day?  Remember that praying is as easy as talking….which means it’s as easy as shooting a text.  The text convo cartoon above references how little we listen…but on the flip side I wonder how much we talk.  How much do we share with God?

Question Three:  How much do we practice His presence?  Maybe you’re thinking, “What does she mean by ‘practice His presence’?”  Father Joseph de Beaufort compiled the letters and teachings of Carmelite Monk, Brother Lawrence (born Nicholas Herman).  Father Lawrence spoke of a gift that he received upon his conversion at the age of eighteen.  The gift was of the awareness of God’s presence.  He teaches on this experience and what it means for us as believers.  So…what I mean by practicing His presence is:  creating a new habit of opening our minds, hearts, and souls to the reality that He is present with us in each moment.  We want communication (either by word or action), so we look for messages.  One way to practice the awareness of God is to generate messages….to send Him short prayers throughout the day.  This practice opens the highway of our awareness in the way that we understand about how to be together.


God prioritizes actually BEING together…not just one aspect of being together (which would be communication).  He wants us to know fully that we are more valuable to Him that just what we produce in any form of communication.

BEING together is a gift.  I speak from experiences that I wish I did not have when I say:  the truest from of love and devotion, when someone is in the throws of pain, is just being with them.  No words.  No advice.  No acts.

Just being.

Dare:  For the next 48 hours, diligently practice the presence of the One who loves you most and knows you best.


            This is an audiobook of Practicing the Presence of God.  Listen if you would like.  In its entirety, it is over an hour.