Sexual Assault/ Trauma Recovery

Sexaul Assault–  Heather Oden is a trained Sexual Assault Advocate as well as a certified Life Coach.  She is experienced in walking women and men through managing and dealing with:

  • triggers

  • nightmares

  • dissociation

  • flashbacks

  • personal safety and boundaries

  • issues of distrust and hatred

  • stages of forgiveness (toward perpetrator and in many cases self)

  • making peace with physical relationships

  • integrating, processing, and finding peace with your story

Trauma Recovery There are many similarities in the steps of moving from a place of pain to a place of freedom no matter the cause.  Though there are an infinite number of causes of trauma, many times working through the processing of moving forward uses similar tools.

Heather’s clients have experienced freedom from the weight of assault and trauma.  They have been able to take their lives back by moving through steps of processing toward healing.  There is hope and freedom for you!

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