Radical Realness and Radical Release

Face the thing.

Whatever it is…face it.  The thing that follows you like a shadow.  The thing you try to lock in the basement. Why?  Why not just keep avoiding it and pushing it away?

Because the things you hide end up owning you…and that’s not freedom.

Take His hand and face the ugly thing.

One of the hardest things to do is forgive yourself.

It’s funny how we can believe things are true for other people but when the rubber meets the road, we don’t believe it’s true for us.  Like forgiveness.  We believe that it’s true for others.  God forgives.

But deep down…




we hold ourselves in contempt of court.

We think that for whatever reason, we do not deserve forgiveness. Maybe what we did was too bad…too disgusting.  Maybe we knew better.  Maybe we said we didn’t know what we were doing but we actually did.  Maybe what we did was something we said we would never do.  Maybe what we did was something done to us and we vowed to never, ever…

And if we face it, if we speak it out loud and acknowledge its existence, it becomes true.  As long as we shove it in a corner behind some other memories or hide it in a forgotten closet we can pretend that it’s not part of our story.

Except it is.

But we feel we don’t deserve forgiveness.  So we shove it away.  And it keeps coming back.  Whispering that if everyone knew it, everyone would hate us…laugh at us…be appalled…reject us…leave us…call us a fraud…a fake…a liar.

Here’s the truth-

We don’t deserve forgiveness.  You don’t. I don’t.  No one does.

Mercy is not getting what you deserve.

Grace is getting what you don’t deserve.

However big the cause of your shame is, His grace is bigger still.

It’s about who He is.  Not about what you did.   He’s not incapable of covering your sin with His grace.  Nor is He unwilling.  That’s the meaning of the cross.

Perhaps you feel that carrying the guilt with you is what you deserve for what you did.  That somehow it will counterbalance the pain you caused.  That if you were to forgive yourself, it would be like saying that what you did was ok…no big deal…

That’s a lie.

Forgiveness indicates that a wrong was committed.



Forgiving it doesn’t make it ok.   It doesn’t turn a wrong into a right.

What forgiveness does do is abolish pride.  It forces us to accept that we are capable of despicable things.  That in the depravity of our humanity….






We can’t earn freedom.  We can’t behave our way to sinlesssness.  We can’t achieve perfection.

Not without Him.

That’s why He came.







You just stumbled on to the Good News.  The Gospel.

However big the cause of your shame is, His grace is bigger still.

Take His hand.

Face the thing.

Put that thing

and yourself

in His hands.

Be forgiven.