There is nothing like the sound of an orange ball bouncing against the hardwood floor….or the crack of a bat….or the rhythmic pounding of running shoes on pavement.

The mental and spiritual audio waves that reverberate from these motions chant things like:



this is what I’m made for.

When your soul is executing gifts or skills that it is gifted with, do not think for one minute that you are alone.

Do not think for one second that the Creator of your soul isn’t right there with you.

Do not think for one moment that the great Giver of the gifts isn’t present taking joy in the explosion of the gifting…that these moments when you are doing what you were made to do aren’t holy.

They are holy.

Start seeing them that way.


Your gift isn’t a coincidence.  Your drive isn’t an accident.  Your passion isn’t purposeless.

Be with Him while you move.  Open your mind and body and soul to the awareness that He is right there.  Let your mind move with your body.  While we’re on the topic….what comes to your mind?

That’s not an accident either.  Let the thoughts come and be aware that He is bringing those things to mind for a reason.  Think through those things with Him as you move.  The movement will unlock your mind and spirit, allowing information to flow between the two.

Sometime in the next three days, make sure you do what you love to do.  Do it with Him.