Melissa Ekart, Partner Coordinator

The biggest turning point in my life was when my husband, Drew, died from brain cancer. That is when I started the journey of learning how to live life with God as my everything.  It was the beginning of a new dance with Him.

Three comforts that I wouldn’t want to live without (not including my BIBLE!!)

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Blankets

  • Pony Tail holders ( I was going to say just pony tails but really it is the holder that is such a need)

I have three wonderful kids that I’m really proud of.  I graduated from Sterling College with a degree in P.E. but now I am the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at the First United Methodist Church in Sterling; the Assistant Teacher at Faith Steps Preschool; and a Partner Coordinator here at Light Up The Dark.  I am truly passionate about God, my kids, and loving kids and families.  I find peace by going for a run in God’s creation, reading outside or just sitting surrounded by thing’s He has made while listening to the earth proclaim His glory…and drinking hot chocolate!!