Living Credit Market Place

welcome to the living credit market place

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Thank you for participating in a living credit event!  Please fill out the form below.  Delivery or pick up of your item(s) will be arranged by email or phone.  Please have your living credit receipt ready to exchange at that time.  No delivery or pick-up of items will take place without your receipt.  (For Freedom Voucher requests, please download and print the voucher form and have it ready at the time of exchange.)

financial freedom vouchers

Financial Freedom Vouchers allow you to apply Living Credits to outstanding bills you may have.  One Living Credit is equal to one dollar.  Credits are applied directly to the company you choose to pay from Light Up The Dark.  A copy of the bill you wish to apply toward is required.  You will receive a confirmation number to ensure that your Living Credits were applied.  To use a Financial Freedom Voucher:

  1. Submit the form above and mark the Financial Freedom Voucher box.
  2. Download the  Financial Freedom Voucher
  3. Fill it out.
  4. At the time of exchange, have your Living Credit receipt, Financial Freedom Voucher, and a copy of the bill you wish to apply your credits toward, to give to a Light Up the Dark volunteer.