Businesses and Organizations

Effectively engaging her listeners, Heather brings perspective, purpose, and passion to every audience.  As a former educator, a certified life coach, and sexual assault advocate, Heather also has the background and training to address sensitive topics with candor and a hopeful, empowering, solution-based perspetive.

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Top Programs:

Making Change Happen– This successful workshop has been presented at national conferences.  Heather walks organizations through the long-range planning process, structured around purpose-driven principles.  Through a step-by-step process, organization members are taking through exercises that allow them to effectively move from overall puporse, to long-range planning around purpose, to short-range goal-setting, to daily implementation.

DISC Personality Workshop– DISC is an assessment tool that allows staff members to determine their behavioral and leadership styles to better understand themselved and each other.  Staff DISC workshops improve self awareness, promote better communication skills, and increase productivity, effectivieness, and staff unity through better teamwork solutions.

Life Changer– Every  single person has the power to affect the lives of those around them.  This program focuses on how to inspire and create positive change.

Maximum Impact– What does it take to succeed?  To be a leader?  No matter what you choose to do, there are some key elements that bring success across the board.

Light Up The Dark– How can I make a difference?  What is my purpose?  Answering these questions is as easy as finding the intersection of three important points.

Sexual Assault Awareness and Intervention– One in four women and one in five men will experience sexual assault, abuse, or rape.  With up to twenty-five percent of our population living with the effects of assault, it is necessary to understand what steps to take if abuse is suspected and how to be an effective support team member.

“I’ve known Heather for 4-5 years and have personally witnessed her speak to groups large and small on multiple occasions.  What I admire the most about Heather is her passion and her true desire to help others.  That comes through each and every time. Whatever the topic, Heather will be prepared to deliver her best.”
– Dave Bryden, Manager of Business Development,
FamilyFarms Group