In Focus

Rays of light, shining into the darkness, bring what is in front of us into focus. IN FOCUS is the online newsletter for LUTD. Welcome!

Lighthouse Updates:

Haven Cove is alive and well. We are at 75% capacity and sifting through applications for the remaining space. The women are healing and experiencing specific manifestations of healing in their lives. We are excited about Sept. 16 and 17 because the outside of our home will soon catch up to the inside. If you are local, you know that the outside of our home has looked a little forlorn. When we purchased the home, it was in need of exterior paint. At the time, our focus was on the women moving into the house so this cosmetic issue took a backseat. The inside of our home has been homey from the start but we now have the supplies and time to address the outside! We plan to spray the house on the 16th and then attack the trim and windows on Sept. 17. Anyone willing to help would be welcome on Sept 17!

Class and Group Updates:

We are in our 4th year of classes at the Reno County Correctional Facility. We facilitate a class called Decision Points which is a cognitive behavioral decision-making class. Earlier this year, we launched a spin-off of that class developed by our organization called Point Break. We are in our second year of teaching a fatherhood program through St. Francis at the facility. After realizing that there was no motherhood program offered, four women from our organization developed a motherhood program and it is now in its pilot class. We have been asked to develop a work-release preparation class to launch late fall/ early winter. Just this week we were given the green light for an anger management program as well. On Tuesday of this week, as our facilitator was asking the class participants of the fatherhood class what their personal take-aways were from class that day, one father addressed her response to a question he had posed earlier in the session. The question was essentially: How do I parent in this day and age when male can be female and female can be male even though much of that is contrary to scripture but for me to disagree with culture, I would be considered a “bigot”? He said that his take-away came in the form of the facilitator’s answer regarding love being full of both grace and truth (as Jesus is) as the metamorphosis of our culture continues to reflect the metamorphosis of ancient Israel as they turned away from God as a nation. His words were, “You were the embodiment of the Holy Spirit.” Friends, the inmates continue to hear God’s word in each of the classes and find healing in the form of GRACE and TRUTH in the classes we are allowed to present. Your support makes these experiences possible!

We still have two groups that meet locally: The Gathering which is a Bible Study and Freedom In Recovery which is a recovery life group. Both meet weekly and are led by different volunteers.

Coming In Focus:

A Light Up The Dark podcast is in its infancy stages. Two guys from our organization strongly feel the call of God to put this media “out there” in order to share the awakening and transforming work of the Holy Spirit through the saving work of God in Jesus. Additionally, we are exploring the pros and cons of hosting an app as well. There may be some benefit in terms of follow-up engagement with content and community as well as personal study. If you have interest in assisting or serving in these ways, please reach out.