Heather Oden

“You need to pray to have the yoke broken from your neck…”

 This was the command that changed my life.  After praying this prayer over a period of time, my life took a journey that completely changed the landscape of how I live.

This prayer led me on a journey through recovery from repressed memories of a traumatic event that challenged my faith and made me question everything I thought I knew.  It led me through a six month sabbatical that stripped away how I used to define identity, value, purpose, and meaning.  It led me through a relationship-altering experience between me and the God of the Universe.  It made me ask, “What am I here for?”  The answer that kept coming to me over and over was, “To speak Life.”  As I prayed through what that it means to speak life….what that looked like to walk out…Light Up The Dark began to take shape.  I realized that my story of trauma and loss, and the healing that God made real in me and in our relationship, could encourage others going through similar experiences.  I realized that in addition to speaking to groups, I could speak life through life coaching and writing.  I realized that other people were looking for outlets to share their stories of God’s mercy, grace, and victory.  Others became involved in sharing stories, mentoring, writing, and partnering in other ways.  Little by little, Light Up The Dark began to take shape and grow….and I have a feeling it isn’t done.  Join our movement.  Light up the dark.