Get Out- Day Four

Get out.  For real.  Go for a run or shoot hoops or hike.

This week is about breaking the silence…about beginning to make a crack in the dark.

We’ve looked at some of our biggest hurdles early this week.  Next we identified how those obstacles were rooted in unhealthy beliefs.  Those beliefs came from our experiences, but just like looking at the world through sunglasses, what we see or experience is not always what the true color is…or the whole truth in our experiences.  To that end…we tipped our toes in the rivers of honesty.  How are we going to have a REAL relationship if we aren’t REAL with ourselves and REAL with God?

What does God want? For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings.  Hosea 6:6

We acknowledge God when our hearts and minds are at peace with what is love in a given situation.  Now don’t get  me wrong, sometimes we have to do the right thing because it is the right thing…even if we don’t feel like it or don’t completely understand.. but not feeling like it and not understanding are not ideal.  Certainly junk that keeps us in hiding like fear, shame, and doubt will cloud our understanding of what truth is.  That is HOW we can be experiencing something and come away with an unhealthy truth that puts space between us and God.  Honesty about the junk is how light begins to pierce the darkness.  We sometimes think that God can’t handle or won’t tolerate our honesty, but that’s not true.  He already knows.  Remember?  He knew where Adam was hiding and He knows exactly where you are.


Get out.  For real.  Go for a run or shoot hoops or hike.

While your body is moving, focus your mind on what is really honest.  You can tell Him things you love or are thankful for but this head convo (probably mostly one-sided today) is mainly to get the yuck out…to purge the janky, stinging, heaviness that keeps us tied down.

Here are some things we have heard many people say that might help get you started:

I don’t think You really listen.
I think You are mad at me.
I think You should be mad at me.
I feel like You didn’t show up when I needed You most.
I don’t feel like I can trust You.
I think You are unfair.
I think You just enjoy making people jump through hoops.
I don’t think I’m that important to You.
I think I am invisible to You.
I’m afraid of You.
I think I am a disappointment to You.
I don’t think it’s really possible to have a close, interactive relationship with You.
I think You are angry and intolerant.
I think You let bad people get away with things.
I question the kind of love that lets people starve and children get trafficked.
I do not understand You.
I want to be close to You but I have no idea where to start or what I’m doing.
I’m really angry that You made me go through ______________________________.

Toward the end of the head conversation, make the requests that you really want to make like:

Help me find peace.
Help me recognize Your voice.
Help me find direction.
Help me make sense of ________________.
Help me to forgive ____________________.
Help me to forgive myself.
Help me learn what You are really like.

This journey happens one step at a time and the steps build on each other.

Come back tomorrow.