Faith-Based Groups and Spiritual Retreats


If you total all of our programs, we have literally done hundreds of programs, lessons, presentations, breakout sessions, sermons, speeches, and retreats…..and our FAVORITE thing to talk about is the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ.

We have spoken as a team and we have spoken on our own….but either way, you can rest assured that we will bring two things without fail: spoken life in the gospel of Christ and Fire power!

We speak at:

  • Youth retreats, events, and camps

  • Men’s and women’s retreats

  • Spiritual growth retreats and seminars

  • Church events

  • Faith-based organization events

  • Vision and purpose planning events

  • Church staff trainings (DISC assessment and training)

For more information or to book Heather or one of our other speakers, please click here.


“Heather is an excellent teacher and communicator. She does an incredible job of taking the truth of God’s Word and making it applicable and understandable in the lives of her listeners. Her style is very practical and engaging; when she spoke at my youth group the students were completely hooked from the start! The information she communicated has undoubtedly stuck with them, as they continued to talk about her message in the weeks that followed. I attribute that to her extremely interactive teaching style, her use of effective illustrations, her ability to make difficult ideas easy to understand, and ultimately her humble reliance on the Holy Spirit. If anyone asked me to suggest someone for a speaking engagement, Heather would be one of the very first to come to mind. I strongly encourage anyone interested in bringing in an effective teacher of God’s Word to get in touch with Heather!”- Taylor Fair, Youth Director