I was recently learning a new card game.  Often when we learn new card games, we’ll show our hand in a trial round of the game in order to explain rules and strategy.  The cards were dealt and I placed my hand on the table for everyone to see.  The experienced players whooped and hollered at how good my hand was.

I felt nothing.

Because I didn’t understand what the cards meant.

I tried to be excited…but I couldn’t because I had no idea what I was looking at.  And poor cards.  They’re chances of being played at their potential were painfully slim because no one else could play my cards.  And, sadly, I didn’t know how to play them.

Do you know what I mean?

Kind of like when you know what you love or what you are passionate about but you have no idea what to do with that information…

Let me ask you this: have you determined how, if you executed your passion, it would make the world a better place?  Whenever we do what we are gifted to do in a way that makes the world a better place, it becomes sustainable.  We become senders of a gift.  The gift goes out to receivers.  As receivers receive, it plants a seed to nurture their own gift.  Think about it…when you watch someone who does something well, doesn’t it inspire you?  This giving and receiving on gifts is part of the beauty of the design we were created for.  Everyone’s gifts are different…and that is by design as well.  The cycle of giving and receiving reflects, in one way, the Trinity lives in cooperation with each Other.  We were, after all, created in Their image.

Now, be careful.  Remember what we discussed in prior conversations about expectations.  Just because we are exploring how our gifts can make the world better, doesn’t it has to look a certain way or be a certain way.  The answer to this question may not become obvious right away.  That’s ok.  It will at some point.  All who seek Him, find Him.

Next comes the logistical step.  Do you need funding?  Education?  A location?  Do you need additional people?  Will your passion generate income?  Is it something that needs to build over time?  Is it a hobby or an occupation?  When I used to help organizations do long-range planning, We would look at a certain period of time; five years for example.  We would describe what we wanted things to look like in five years.  Then we would back up one year.  We would realistically describe where we wanted things to be in four years in order to reach our five-year goal.  We continued the process until we worked backwards to the present.  With the exception of the present year.  We would break down the upcoming twelve months even farther.  We would list each month what would need to happen in order to reach our two-year goal.  A person was then assigned to each task.

Here is your homework.  Take 15 minutes today.  Start with where you want to end up and work backwards.  You don’t have to start at five years.  You can start with two years from now.

If that is too much, if you know what  you love but are not sure how to use it at all, use your fifteen minutes to make a list.  Are there ways you can use your gifts part of the time?  Can you start something?  Volunteer somewhere?  Do you need to Google ideas?  Read about how other people have done things with similar gifts?  Shadow someone or meet someone for coffee to pick their brain?

Whatever you need to do, take the next step, so you can take the next step.

No one else can play your the amazing cards in your hand.  Don’t spend your life and get to the end with cards in your hand you never knew how to play….