Everyone is different.

Some people have to have complete silence to concentrate.  Some people work better with background noise or music.  Some people want to be focused on you and you only in conversation.  Other people listen better if their hands are occupied…it’s like if their hands are moving it unlocks their ears and mind allowing information to flow freely back and forth between the two.

If this is you…DO something.  Set your sites on a project.  Clean out a closet or the garage.  Do a yard project or make a large meal for someone going through a loss or a hard time.  While you’re engaged, be aware of His presence.  You don’t have to talk…unless you just want to.  Just open up and be aware that He is with you as you move.  See what thoughts come to mind.

Is it a person?  Pray for them.  Is there some way you can encourage them?

Maybe a relationship issue comes to mind.  How do you feel about it?  What do you think about it?  Silently (or out loud if you prefer) lay all of this information before Him.  Yes, He knows your thoughts.  Sometimes verbalizing them triggers an awareness you didn’t see before…laying this before Him invites Him in to open our eyes.

What surfaces next?  A work issue?  A difficult situation that weighs you down?  Something good that happened worth celebrating?

Continue to be with Him as you dig through your task.

Do this one time in the next 7 days.

Make it a priority.