Conversation Starters

There are certain types of questions and statements that can give us a clearer window into someone’s soul more quickly.  Feel free to modify and adjust the ideas below to be age and situation appropriate.

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Tell me about….

  • your typical day

  • your family

  • your dream job

  • your greatest achievement

  • your biggest fear

If you were….

  • an actor/actress, what types of movies would you star in?

  • stranded on an island, what five things would you want with you?

  • a pro athlete, what sport would you play and what position?

  • told to describe yourself in five words, what would they be?

  • trapped in a time machine, where would you go and who would you want to meet?

Name three….

  • things you are passionate about

  • favorite foods

  • pet peeves

  • favorite people

  • goals you have

  • obstacles you are facing right now

How do you see /how would you describe/ how do you face…..

  • your relationship with God

  • your life

  • adversity or challenge

  • leadership

  • relationships