How do I find my purpose?

Well let’s first talk about how we picture purpose.  Do you see it as an occupation or job?  A cause?  A calling?  For the sake of today and our time together, let’s picture it like this:


  1. God is love (1 John 4:8) and
  2. He creates good things ( ) and
  3. He created you ( ) and


in general we could say that your purpose is to love.  God’s love was lived out in Jesus.  He created you and me with different features and gifts than Jesus…so when we live out love, we will each create goodness but in different ways.  So how do we find our way?  Our flow?

1.Make a list of all the things you love.  Love, love, love.  Everything from the practical to the ridiculous.  Nothing gets black-listed.  Everything is fair game.

2.  Pray through the list.  Some stuff may generate revenue and some may not.  Can any be combined and done together?  Do you feel drawn to one more?  Or a couple?  Are there any you could try easily without making too many life changes?

3. Pray through it again and ask yourself for each item or set of combined items, “How can I do this and make the world a better place at the same time?”



1. My list would look something like-

  1. I like to speak when I have a reason to say something meaningful to say.
  2. I like to organize stuff.
  3. I like to create and streamline processes.
  4. I like to create period.  Anything from rooms to events.
  5. I care about people.
  6. I like depth.
  7. I love reading, writing, and MUSIC.
  8. I like talking through things with people who want to move forward.
  9. I love teaching.
  10. I love quiet and space.
  11. I love really loud bass.
  12. or any percussion really.
  13. Relationships are core.  Nurturing them is paramount and losing them hurts deeply.
  14. I love starting new things and working with people.
  15. I love coffee, starbursts, skittles, and cookie dough.
  16. I really love God.

2. I didn’t realize until a year and half ago that all of this could be combined.  It can.  Individually, some of these could generate income. At different points in my life I felt more drawn to teaching or speaking or creating.

3. The answer to “How can I do each of these and attempt to make the world better?” is how Light Up The Dark came to be.  It started out with a message I had and a reason to speak it.  Then the message grew.  Then it became about how God worked in other peoples’ stories.  Then it became about creating processes and initiatives to people to interact with each other to make the world better.  Reading and writing and teaching and relationships all became a part of it.  And it still grows.

The answers will most likely not come at once.  It will most likely happen in steps and stages with tweaks and learning involved.  Don’t expect this to happen in 15 minutes and don’t expect that how love manifests itself through you will be the same in each chapter of your life.  Just keep climbing.  Don’t be afraid to leave the peak you’re on if the next peak is calling.  (Just don’t leave those who love you and those you love behind when you climb.  Conquered peaks are best celebrated together if possible!) 😉