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Phil is the Executive Pastor of Administration at St. Luke’s UMC in Oklahoma City.  He graduated from Messiah College with a B.A. in psychology and is a certified United Methodist Church Administrator, a Fellow in Church Business Administration, and an ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church, having completed seminary studies at SMU’s Perkins School of Theology and Asbury Seminary. He has extensive knowledge in the areas of finance, giving, and administration.  He is fantastic with people.  His wife, Stephanie, is on the Lighthouse Leadership Team.


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Bill is the Principal at Sterling High School.  He has a very strong, deep faith and regularly fills the pulpit at his church when the pastor is unable to be at his church.  Obviously he has a good understanding of educational administration and administration and politics in general, as well as the challenges facing young adults and families.  He also has a knowledge of certain resources associated with education, services to families, and the like.


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Sarah teaches English in a Buhler, Kansas.  Her husband in the District Superintendent for the Buhler Schools.  They have been active in the church all of their lives.  Sarah has a strong biblical foundation and is very gifted in the areas of writing, literature, compassion, logic, and problem-solving.  She has strong gifts of wisdom and discernment as well.


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Kristi is a Family Practice Physician in Sterling.  She has a pragmatic, yet very compassionate personality.  She graduated from ORU and brings an evangelical element to the table.  She is a very good critical thinker and has a passion for walking out her faith….putting hands and feet into action.  She has a “let’s do it!” drive when the idea is grounded and beneficial.


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Daniel is a professor at Sterling College.  Daniel is an extremely gifted teacher as evidenced by the number of people that come away from listening to him and saying, “ I could listen to him all day!”  He is an intelligent and humble deep-thinker.  His ability to draw connections and observe situations from different angles is beneficial in group dynamics.  He is a very dedicated husband, father, and friend.   His wife, Sarah, is our Volunteer Coordinator.


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Jill is an outspoken, spirit-filled PE/Health teacher and head high school basketball coach with twenty years of experience leading Bible studies and being active in the Baptist church.  She deals with brokenness in students at the high school and college level on a daily basis and regularly speaks life into them.  Her students and players look to her for advice and guidance.  She is a great balance of determination, fire, grit, and common sense.