Remember reading this yesterday?

All in.  That’s what the goal is here.  We have one life.  In this one life, we have been given one body and one unique set of strengths and weaknesses.  One thing is certain.  Transition – which we call death- will come.  And when it does, will we have done what we were created to do?

I have a more important question.  More important than what we did, will we have BEEN who we were created to BE?

In the Jimmy Stuart Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, Jimmy’s character, George Bailey becomes overwhelmed.  After sacrificing his own dream to take over the family bank, establishing a financial culture for the their small bank of investing in lives of the town’s people…not just in brick and mortar.  When a bank employee loses a substantial amount of money due to a combination of his own absent-mindedness and the town villian’s deceitfulness, the bank is threatened with potential closure.

Life as George appears to be filled with insurmountable obstacles and quickly begins to resemble a sinking ship.  He remembers that he has a life insurance policy and decides that he would be worth more dead than alive.  He goes to a bridge outside of town and jumps…

…but his plans are foiled.  An unlikely friend and hero was already waiting; Clarence the Angel, Second Class.


While watching the movie, we don’t really consider that we could be living out this concept without realizing it.



What concept?  The idea that countless lives would be changed if we didn’t exist.



But we DO exist.  So how would we be living that concept?

We live it when we settle.  When we decide to be something other than who we truly are, who God made.  We live it when we settle for a less-than-honest, less-than-real relationship with God.  God is our very life source.  If we aren’t living in a real relationship with Him, then we are not truly being who He created…who the world needs…who we need to be…in order to thrive.  When we settle, we cheat the world and ourselves, out of the message of love and strength that God designed to be lived out in us.

How sad.



Live.  Be who God made you.  Relate to Him in the ways that YOU relate to Him.  Make it a priority.  Be REAL.  Don’t be deceived by fraudulent “realities”.  Selfishness if fraudulent.  Lust is fraudulent.  Worry, control, perfectionism, idolatry….fraudulent.  None of these means achieve what they deceive us into thinking they will achieve.  None of these means deliver what they promise.  None.


Love delivers.

Every time.

Love God.  Really love Him.

Love yourself.

Love yourself enough not to settle…for selfishness or lust or greed or envy or pride or perfectionism or control or worry or


but love.

Then love your neighbor as yourself.

Break bad.

Break the silence.

Break the code.

Break the rules.

Then break the mold.



“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  John 8:32

The truth is a Person.  Don’t settle for anything less that knowing Him fully…and BEING fully known.

It will take a lifetime.

Don’t waste another minute.

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