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They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity–for “people are slaves to whatever has mastered them.”– 2 Peter 2:19

Addiction.  Obsession.

Maybe we don’t like those words because we think they are too strong.


How about habit?


Thought-stealer.   Time-sucker.  Attention-owner.  Success-determiner.

Whatever we want to call it, it can take many forms.

The neurochemical reaction in the brain is the same whether it’s shopping, porn, approval, gambling, alcohol, controlling, perfectionism, or another person.

At some point we all have to face the thing we worship that isn’t God.

The culture-ese word is addiction.  The Christianese word is idolatry.

If addiction sounds too severe for you…think of it this way:  it happens on a spectrum.  You can be mildly addicted or heavily addicted physically, mentally, and spiritually.  So if we are talking about addiction in terms of the fact that something in you is tied to something of broken-earth and you elevate that higher (it influences your decisions) than than God, it’s an addiction…

a habit that influences and shapes your life.

If you notice that something (Snapchat, texting, alcohol, a person, a pill) is starting to affect your attention,

then fast.

Fasting is the spiritual discipline of removing something for a period of time from your experience.  To clear your head.  To reboot.  To re-center.  To regain your bearings.

Fast for three days.

While doing so, pray or journal about these things:

  1.  What need am I using this thing to fill?  Value?  Peace?  Security?

  2. Why do I not find that in God?

  3. Who can I talk to, what can I read, or where can I go to learn about how to get this need filled by God?

  4. Is it healthy to allow this thing to re-enter my life yet or at all?

  5. Do I need to regularly fast from this and if so, when should I do it again?

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