Apprentice Academy

The Apprentice Academy

The Apprentice Academy is collection of classes to offer empowerment, education, and hope.  Classes are offered in different modes, locations, and times.  Some are on location.  Some are online.  Some are in groups.  Some are self-guided.  All are designed to bring you closer to being the authentic creation God made in you.  Classes are organized in to five different tracks, making it easier to find tools to fit your current needs.

Select the track of classes, studies, and events you are interested in below.

life prep  

ingredients-498199_1920preparation for adulting: basic finance, support systems, healthy relationships, resourcing, and career readiness



life design  

art-3511209_1920redesign an area of your life: advanced physical wellness, financial peace, addiction recovery, and new beginnings


spiritual wellness 

child-945422_1920finding faith that works when the rubber meets the road: practical spirituality, connecting to God, biblical overviews, personal narratives, regret, and outreach



relationship renewal

desktop-3271746_1920for all of the relationships in your life: healthy relationships, rescue academy, marriage prep/enrich/renew, and active parenting



trauma triage

leaf-3369412_1920assistance in difficulty: anxiety, depression, self harm, addiction, crumbling union, grief recovery, eating disorders