Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are unbelievably common.  They are equally present in both men and women and can manifest themselves in ways that don’t seem either fearful or sad, as one might expect.  They can go hand-in-hand but not always and can be triggered by current or past experiences.  Either one can mild, moderate, or severe.

Can Life Coaching Benefit You?

Mild:  Life coaching can be very effective for mild or situational anxiety or depression.  Many times changing thinking patterns or situational components that contribute to mild or situational depression or anxiety can help someone get from where they are to where they want to be.

Moderate:  The effectiveness of coaching on moderate anxiety or depression depends largely on the causes of the anxiety or depression.  Although there are instances where coaching can help improve the overall health of a client dealing with moderate depression or anxiety, bringing a licensed therapist into a clients support network becomes a greater probability.

Severe:  Coaches are not trained to diagnose depression, nor are coaches trained in cognitive bahvioral therapy or other traditional therapeutic methods of managing more severe forms of anxiety or depression.  Coaching does work well in conjunction with a licensed therapist for improving depression but is not recommended as the sole therapeutic choice for severe depression.  If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or self-harming tendencies, a licensed, reputable, Christian therapist is recommended in addition to coaching.

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