Amp Mods

Amplifier Modules are studies written and/or compiled by the LUTD equipping team designed to ignite relational faith and holistic healing. Think of them as Life Coaching sessions at your finger tips. Amp Mods fall into one of three categories. We recommend starting with Foundation Mods because some of the basic language, terms, and concepts are described there. You don’t have to begin there though, click where the Spirit leads you.

Foundations: These modules are about igniting and refreshing relationship with God. We cover concepts like holistic healing and health, nurturing interaction with the living God, and creating life-long rhythms to support Spirit-breathed passion and purpose. We create rhythms in which we can hear from and be led by the Holy Spirit and live in intimacy with God.

Walking Together: Relationships of any kind are tricky. These mods are centered on developing tools for healthy relationships. We begin with day-to-day relationships; developing voice, learning to incorporate and apply healthy boundaries, as well as walking out authentic priorities. We move into learning how to walk with others through difficult chapters in healthy ways that avoid enabling and codependency, but instead promote empowerment and freedom. Additional mods are also available to supplement a holistic plan for recovery from unhealthy or broken relationships.

Shine Your Light:

Everyone has a story. Everyone has Light to shine. These mods are designed to assist in exploring, creating, and collaborating venues and methods of changing the world in the way that God meant for you PERSONALLY to Light Up The Dark. Think you can’t make a difference? Think again. That’s a lie. You are seated in the perfect place to make a difference by being you, right where you are. Here are some tools to begin!