I grew up in the city but I live on a country road now.

I love it.

I take walks on our road regularly.  I definitely feel Him there.  With me.

At first walking up the road was a way to breathe…to take a time out from my life…to push pause…because some of my life circumstances were to heavy for me to metabolize without a pause.

At first walking up the road was something I did mostly in silence.  There was so much noise within me that it magnified the noise around me…but when I walked, I could be quiet.  Soulfully still.  I needed that.

At first walking up the road was not familiar.  It was more of an escape.  I didn’t say anything to God…I just walked.  We walked.  In silence.  Over time it became comforting.  Now…it is like breathing.  When something happens…something hard (which happens regularly now that Jake is free from his body)…I long for my road.

My road has become our place…an earthly meeting place for Jesus and me.

Our meeting place.



What is yours?  Go outside.  Walk.  Sit.  Hike.

Even if it is for 10 minutes.  Do it three times in the next seven days.

You do too have time.

If someone said that they were going to deposit five million dollars in your bank account if you did it, it would become a priority.

For one week, make time.

Open up your awareness to the fact that He is with you.  You don’t have to say anything just be.  Do it.

Pray always.  If necessary, use words.


nightRain by airtone (c) copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.