Active Parenting- Ages 5 to 12


From the Active Parenting web site:

What is so great about Active Parenting, Fourth Edition?

  • built-in flexibility: your Active Parenting classes can be 1, 3, 4, or 6 sessions
  • all-new video plus access to our online parenting video library
  • a whole session dedicated to school success through parent engagement
  • all new and better parenting materials, including Parent’s Guide and Leader’s Guide
  • NEW Parent’s Workbook with activities and copies of the PowerPoint slides
  • video now available embedded in PowerPoint…or DVDs—your choice!
  • the whole parenting program is now available as a Digital Edition (ebook) for use with a laptop or mobile device. The Digital Edition can be purchased or rented.
  • optional “AP & You” mini-sessions help parents integrate the powerful communication skills in all facets of their lives
  • how brain development affects children’s behavior and decision-making
  • improved discipline and communication
  • how to prevent future use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
  • parenting a special-needs child
  • 7 Smart Things you can do immediately for school success

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This curriculum is DCF approved and endorsed by SAMHSA.